Fully certified and insured to operate UAV’s (Drones) for commercial purposes:

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Do you need a birds eye view? Using drones can compensate greatly for photos or videos otherwise not obtainable by using cameras from the ground. Our high quality 4K drone captures high resolution images and videos for your needs.

  • Estates requiring aerial photographs to showcase exterior building shots / plots / acreage
  • Set your business apart from the rest with unique aerial photography / videography
  • EVENTS (Sporting Events, Car / Boat Shows, Exhibitions etc.)
  • Roof / Land Surveys

Drones are a handy tool for many tasks. We offer land / roof surveying as an additional service to help individuals and companies inspect the quality of their land / roof.

Farmers – do you need to inspect where your crops aren’t growing as well as you’d like? Or do you simply want some promotional content?

Surveyors / Home Improvers/ Property Developers – do you need to inspect the safety and condition of a roof? Do you need content to base 3D drawings from?

We will send our drone safely above the point of interest, capturing high quality videos and images on your behalf to make the process a lot simpler for you. These videos and images will be yours to keep so that you can review it as many times as it is necessary to ensure your project is completed safely and no ones health is at risk.


Graphic Vibes are not responsible for the safety of individuals on site, and are only hired as content providers. The decision made regarding the safety of a roof and area of interest is at the clients risk *
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