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In this example, EditAll have composed an information video for our client Crescent Mortgages. The client supplied us with the main video of them presenting, which was simply recorded on an iPhone, and EditAll composed the structure, animations, graphics, transitions, music and more to make it a presentable video for their target audience.

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EDIT’ALL realise more businesses are capturing content on the go. They also have access to affordable, semi-professional equipment to help them. But what happens when it comes to using the footage you’ve obtained?

You could post raw content, sure, but we all know what that looks like and how it can tarnish ones reputation. Your company may also not have the experience or expertise of putting a video together from the footage you’ve gathered.

  • Reels / TikTok’s
  • Interviews
  • Promotional Videos
  • Animations
  • Video Tours
  • Bespoke Requests

All of our videos feature the option of including licensed stock music to help set the scene. We have a library consisting of thousands to choose from. It’s important we don’t use copyrighted or protected music due to royalty and copyright laws.

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